Anake taxi services offers airport transfers in Malawi main airports Kamuzu international airport and Chileka airport to your destination. We offer organized tours and  itineraries. We also help you with accommodation booking. Chat with our consultants.

                                                                 Airport Transfers

We provide transfers from airport to different locations in Malawi and zambia as well as from lodges to the Airport

Lilongwe airport to Lilongwe city   $40                                     Airport to cape maclear        $140

Airport to monkey bay                     $140                                     KIA airport to Mzuzu            $170

KIA airport to Nkhatabay beach     $170                                  Lilongwe to Liwonde  NP         $140



Planned itenenaries

We have arranged possible itineraries for our clients featuring the best safari, sites and lake Malawi spots. These are places you MUST go in Malawi if you are coming for holiday or during your free time. These are budget friendly itineraries and suitable for short stay in Malawi. If you have already booked your place contact us for transportation.

3 days on Likoma Island

Stay three nights at Likoma island, and do snorkeling, water skiing, bird sighting , eagle feeding. Board the Ilala to the island and experience life on the ship. We will pick you from airport, book a cabin on the Ilala and offer dinner and breakfast, accommodation and activities.

Cost : $900 includes (Ship fair)

Liko is.jpg

2 days in Cape maclear retreat

Stay in cape Maclear for two nights, enjoy one of the best snorkeling spots, boat rides to island, hiking and diving.

We will pick you from airport to cape Maclear provide accommodation, transport and activities. If you are travelling with your partner or friend and you expect to share the room we have the budget price for you.


                                                                 Cost: $600 pp and

                                                      $750 per couple or any two people sharing room


liwonde safari and cape maclaer

Possibly the best itinerary for people that would want to see safari and lake Malawi best spots. combination. This combination will get you to Liwonde and national park do game drives, river safari and see elephants swimming, Buffalos, lions, Hippo, Crocodiles, birds. After the two days in Liwonde we will take you to cape maclear for a complete relaxation. Enjoy snorkeling, Boat riding, diving, swimming, Hiking and eagle feeding

We will provide transport Liwonde then cape maclear and back to airport, + accommodation and activities.

                                                          Cost: $800 pp

                                                   $900 per couple or any two people sharing room

Majete National park and game heaven

Spend a night in Majete and do safari, night game drive, river safari and morning game drive. The embark on journey to Game heaven in nthyolo one of Malawi finest undermined safari site. Activites will include morning game drives, golf course, bicycle riding.


Arrive through Blantyre international airport. We will take you to majete for one night then game heaven.

                                                             cost: $550

                                  $650 per couple or any two people sharing room

Nkhatabay beach and Ilala


have an amazing experience at Nkhatabay beach. Enjoy diving, snorkelling and present view of the lake. 

we will pick you from airport to Nkhatabay, provide accommodation and organize activities for you.

if you also would like to board the Ilala from Nkhatabay to Likoma or Monkey this will be organized for you on mondays.

                                                                           cost: $650 pp

                                              $650 per couple or any two people sharing room  

Business trips

We facilitate travel arrangements for customers on business trips within Malawi. We are always punctual and reliable. We have worked with companies on survey and consultancy


Using our knowledge of Malawi and different tourists attractions in Malawi, we support our customers our customers on vacation. We also help to identify lodges and help you with booking. 


We have three tour that we operate. Big 5, Lake Malawi tour and Safari tour. Visit our tour packages page for more.


We are the best at communication, right from the time you write to us regarding our services.


We will always address respond to your questions, needs and provide guidance


We have competitive prices so that you can save more money for your vacation and business trip


We have rigorous selection method for all our drivers, this ensures safety and professionalism in our business.