COVID 19 has had socio-economical effect on Malawian population like many other countries of the world. In Malawi, a state of disaster was declared by HE state president. Schools have been forced to close for second time, teen pregnancies have been on rise, small scale businesses have been forced to close and health systems have been put to strain test. 

Amongst communities surrounding tourist destinations the restrictions in travel has resulted in reduction of tourists in the destinations. This has resulted in loss of jobs, loss of business (art, Crafts and Jewelries) hence making families that depend on tourists economically and socially impoverished. Most families now cannot afford a proper meal a day, cannot afford to pay fees for their children, and cases of GBV have increased.

In view of this we at Anake taxi are working with families and communities surrounding tourist destinations to build there resilience and ensure challenges of the pandemic are alleviated. We have so far

----Reached out 587 girls with re-usable face masks

---- Provided 10 Radios for Ministry of education programmes

---- Procured 15 piped water buckets for Handwashing.

--- Sensitized community leaders on COVID prevention.

---- Engaged local artisans to formulate clubs and sell products online.

  If interested make a difference in lives of young girls, boys and there families, partner with us as we move forward to;

------- Conduct interface meetings with chiefs and local leaders to establish bi-laws against child marriages and teen pregnancies in Mangochi, cape maclear

------  Support 100 girls at risk of getting pregnant and dropping out of school to be supported with partial bursary support and psycho-social support. (Fees and scholastic materials) in cape maclear.

------  Create awareness on GBV to girls aged 10-18 in groups of 10 (ensure COVID measures followed) in Monkey bay

------  Donate/Purchase 50 radios to reach to 2,000 plus learners that can not afford to listen to Ministry of education learning programmes through radio.

------ Pilot online market for artisans , crafts and sculpture business.

------  Facilitate creation of local market for crafts, art work and sculpture to increase sells locally.

----- Training of 100 youths in sewing of face mask and provision of Buckets and soap.

----- Sensitization of community on COVID prevention.

We will not rest till we get to everyone with the support we can manage. We invite you to partner with us and change life trajectory of communities in Malawi surrounding tourism attractions.

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