Tour packages

We at Anake taxi and tour believe that organized tours help our customers to visit the best places in Malawi as we have selected the BEST of The BEST for Safari and lake Malawi spots. With our organized tours you more assured to be able to enjoy your holiday and save alot. We encourage you to go through our tour options and select your option. remember YOU SAVE, SEE BEST PLACES, and most importantly saves you from trouble of searching on where to go.

We have four main tour options which you may choose from. Big 5 tour, Safari tour, Lake Malawi tour and  Culture tour

Package # 1: Malawi's BIG 5: (Cape Maclear, Liwonde, Mulanje mountain,  National Park, Majete NP and Nyika NP

Malawi big 5 gives you a rare opportunity to see the best spots and tourists attractions in Malawi.

The itinerary consists of 2days at Majete NP, 1 day Mulanje mountain, 2 days liwonde NP, 2 days in Cape maclear, board ferry to Nkhatabay (passing through likoma island) and 2 days in Nyika NP.

Activities include : Boat safari, Game drives (evening and morning)Snorkeling, Hiking, Eagle feeding, walking, cultural dances


Costs: costs are different depending on number of people, activities approx. $2500 -pp and $3000 per couple or any two ppl sharing room (accommodation, transport, activities)

Note: it would be important to arrive through Blantyre airport, need to plan for    10 days.

Lake Malawi adventure

Package # 3: Lake Malawi tour (Cape maclear, monkey bay, Senga bay, Nkhata bay, Likoma island, Chipoka)

The tour takes you on lake Malawi, You will have the experience of cape maclear, likoma, best diving and snorkeling spots. You will also experience life on the ferry (Ilala) in standard cabin.

The itinerary needs at least 7 days : 2 cape maclear, 3 likoma, 2 Nkhatabay. other places can visited in a day


Activities include:  swimming, snorkeling, eagle feeding , diving  and fishing, boating,


Costs: depends on number of people ranges $1,700 pp and $2200 per couple or any two people (transport, accommodation & activities

All Safari

Package # 2: Safari Tour: (Majete NP, Liwonde NP, Nyika NP, Nkhotakota game reserve)

Safari tour takes you to Malawi best spots for safari. Experience the scenic beauty and live among animals.


The itinerary needs minimum of 8 days starts with 2 days majete NP, 2 days liwonde,  2 days Nyika and 2 days Nkhotakota NP.


Activities include: game drives, boat safari, cultural dances,


Costs: Depending on number of people ranges $2000 pp -$2,500 per couple or any two ppl sharing room(costs include transport, accommodation & activities


Drive around Malawi, to any destination on the map. You will plan your trip based on the map provided and the different attractions listed. Experience the culture, the beauty, the safari, wild cats and the bif 5 safari.You drive anywhere in Malawi. We provide to your a 4 wheel drive and map. Suitable for people  that would like to discover new places, the people, the culture, on mission trip, and exploration.s

Contact us with your trip details and we will provide you with a map featuring all the attractions and p.